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Easter Lily Bulbs

The Easter Lily graces many homes around the world during the Easter holiday.  As it rises from earthy graves as scaly bulbs and then blooms into beautiful trumpet shaped flower, it has long been seen as a symbol of the resurrection.

These Majestic flowers are native to the southern islands of Japan and before World War II the Japanese dominated the U.S. export market.  Once the war began the Japanese source of Easter Lily bulbs was abruptly cut off, paving the way for small farmers in Smith River, CA to take the lead in the production of Easter Lily Bulbs.  Smith River, CA proved to have the perfect soil and climate conditions needed to grow quality, consistent Lily bulbs.  In fact, once the war was over Japan was never able to regain control over the market because they could not produce the same quality.

Palmer Westbrook, Inc. has been a pioneer in the Easter Lily Bulb industry with roots dating into the early 1940's.  Currently our company is one of four growers in the valley that supply the world's demand of lilies for the Easter Holiday.

We supply companies like Fred C. Gloekner and Company with Lily bulbs.

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