Palmer Westbrook, Inc.

At Palmer Westbrook, Inc. we raise 100% of our own replacement heifers on native green grass and clover.  We milk on average 300 cows twice daily.  Our purebred Jersey Dairy Cattle are best known for their high butterfat content.  This butterfat makes it perfect for producing the finest, freshest local cheeses. We sell directly to Rumiano Cheese Factory, located in Crescent City, CA and is one of the oldest family owned cheese companies in California.  Click the link below to visit their website or stop by their store and taste test some of the varieties of cheeses made with our milk.  

Something very important to us is maintaining our land and resources for many generations to come.  We have developed a pasture based sustainable year round dairy operation with the emphasis on high quality native pastures and animal health.  Utilizing manure from the dairy for pasture fertilizer and working with local and state agencies to protect and enhance stream and wildlife habitat. 

Jersey Dairy Cattle

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Visit and see how our milk is transformed into exquisite cheeses from Monterey Jack to Asiago.