Palmer Westbrook, Inc.

About Palmer Westbrook

 High Quality Hg Products through sustainable practices


Easter Lily Bulbs

 Palmer Westbrook, Inc. has been a pioneer in the Easter Lily Bulb industry with roots dating into the early 1940's.

Currently our company is one of four growers in the valley that supply the world's demand of Lilies for the Easter holiday.




Jersey Dairy Cattle

We have created a pasture based sustainable year-round dairy operation that focuses on green grass and our animals health.  



Angus Beef Cattle

We are proud to be CCOF certified since 2006.  Our

 high quality beef is 100% Organic and Grass fed, contains no antibiotics or added hormones. 




Located in the small rural community of Smith River, CA also know as the Easter Lily capital of the world.  Palmer Westbrook Inc. has been family owned and operated for over 150 years.  By using the best management practices in all aspects of our lands and stewardship of them.  We create high quality natural resource products at a sustainable level.  Our goal is to enrich the soil that our ancestors have passed down to us for many more generations to come.  Therefore, providing the best quality products to our consumers.